Pre Wedding Festivities

This is where the fun really begins as you build up to the big day. Especially for the pre wedding events such as your Hurdee, Nalangu, Geeth or Saanji

Our décor style for these events combines a strong eastern classical influence whilst still keeping it light, fun and festive.

Our menus for these events are designed accordingly to fit into the program of events and also give guests a variety of sumptuous dishes to choose from.

Our signatures at the pre wedding events are always elaborately laid out buffet counters including polished brass engraved baine maries and some really interesting props that make the buffet table irresistible…after all you eat first with your eyes.

Presentation is key, so each service performed for your event will exude the style which is true to our Events by design brand. Our Waitresses are clad in uniformed saris will ensure that guests are well taken care of.